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Ariso Sushi: A Great Pre-Flight Meal at Haneda Airport

Dining Sushi in Japan
Airport food doesn’t have a good reputation. Thankfully, Haneda Airport’s culinary offerings defy all those stereotypes—the food is actually pretty decent. Head over to the tastefully-designed Edo Market on the 4th floor of the international terminal, and you’ll have your pick of...

Toyosu Market Sushi Restaurant: Iso Sushi

Iso Sushi (or Isozushi) restaurant was a Tsukiji market favourite, hidden away in the inner market along with ten other gems. Much to the delight of the market staff and other loyal customers, they can still get...

Myojinmaru’s Famous Salted Bonito Tataki

kochi bonito tataki myojinmaru
The word bonito would, for most, evoke the common visual of little flakes dancing atop your meal. However, there are so many other delicious ways to prepare bonito fish, for example the Myojinmaru Bonito Tataki. Shikoku’s Bonito

Iwasa Sushi, Toyosu Market

Though Tsukiji Market has closed and is settling into its new location at Toyosu Market, you can rest assured that world class sushi is still being sliced up daily. The previous inner and outer markets were famed for restaurants which delighted the...

All-You-Can-Eat Tuna Bowl at Kashi no Ichi Fish Market

kashi no ichi fish market tuna bowl-12
Tuna, or ‘maguro’ in Japanese, is a heavyweight of the sushi and sashimi arena. It is a delicious fish with a reputation that precedes it. For example, take the famous tuna auctions of Tsukiji and Toyosu Markets. Tourists arrive at the crack...

Isezushi: Michelin Star Sushi in Otaru, Hokkaido

michelin sushi hokkaido otaru
The town of Otaru is a port town in Hokkaido, not too far from Sapporo. It has a charming canal running through town and a distinct Western influence in the architecture. Otaru was once so prosperous that it was referred to as the ‘Wall...