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Backpacking Through Japan – An Overview

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In the spring of 2019, my fiancée and I spent three weeks backpacking from Tokyo to Okinawa. Traveling over 2000 kilometers using a mix of almost two dozen local trains, five buses, and one boat, we managed to traverse more than half...

Frittering About in Fukuoka: Tokyo to Okinawa Day 10

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Sometimes, the best days of a vacation are the ones where things fail to go as planned. When an amusement park turned out to be defunct, and an art gallery closed, we ended up on a self-guided tour of Fukuoka. Instead of...

All Aboard the Sanyo Main Line: Tokyo to Okinawa Day 9

After a two-day stay, we left the city of Hiroshima behind us and boarded a series of local trains on the Sanyo Main Line bound for Fukuoka. The 9thday of our trip would prove to be the longest. All told, we travelled...

Kengo Kuma’s Starbucks design in Fukuoka

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has been making headlines lately for his epic design of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium, now under construction. Kuma is known for incorporating timber in his designs to create stunning spaces; as such the stadium will feature cedar and larch...