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Tokyo Day Trip: Koedo, Kawagoe’s Breath of Edo

We hear music in the distance. Drums beat and flutes whistle a traditional sound—ancient Japanese melodies in an otherwise modern city. We follow the alluring tune and quickly become engulfed by a town that stands still in time. Men and women in...

The Nakasendo Trail: 1 day hike from Magome to Tsumago

Picture this. You’ve got money, land and power in your community. You live hundreds of kilometers away from your Nation’s capital and presumably fly under their radar. Perhaps you feel they’ve been in charge long enough and that you could do a...

The Edo-era remains of Tsumago juku

Nagano is famous for its world class ski fields but this prefecture's history runs deeper than a few feet of snow. Take a sharp U-turn from the chairlift to find storybook villages like Tsumago in Nakasendo which can transport visitors centuries back...